Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Make a Wedding Trellis

Nothing is more romantic than a floral festooned bridal trellis. For brides on a budget, building your own wedding trellis will add to the memorable occasion. With a little planning ahead, you can wrap your trellis in fragrant flowers and create a timeless altar backdrop for exchanging vows.


1 4’x8’ Sheet of lattice
2 4” x 4” x 8’ Posts
1 8’ 2 x 4
Measuring tape
Paint or Stain
Spray paint (optional)

Step 1.

Cut the 2 x 4 into four 2’ pieces. Make a triangle at the base of each of the posts by nailing one of the 2’ sections to the bottom edge of the post. Making a 45 degree angle, nail the other 2’ piece to the post. You should now be able to stand your post upright. Repeat the same process for the second post.

Step 2.

Space the two upright posts 4’ apart. Nail the lattice to the posts making sure that they are level and even on both sides.

Step 3.

Carefully apply stain or paint with a paintbrush. If using white paint, be sure to carefully brush all of the open areas of the lattice. Another option is to use a brush to paint the posts and spray paint for the lattice work.

Step 4.

Move the bridal trellis into the appropriate place. You will need to allow enough time for your plant material to mature.

Step 5.

Once the bridal trellis is in place, surround the base with assorted plant material to cover the stands at the back. Either plant the chosen material or use potted plants for a more portable setting. Timing is essential; so, planning ahead for this feature will insure that your bridal trellis is covered in floral material. Allow enough time for the plant material to begin attaching to the trellis. Hint: Several varieties of climbing roses can fill a trellis in a growing season. Check with your local nursery for the best options.


Another option is artificial plant material. This allows for portability in case weather changes your outdoor wedding plans. By choosing artificial plants and flowers you can also wait until closer to the wedding to build and decorate your bridal trellis.