Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Create a Table That Looks Like a Wedding Cake

Next to the bride and groom, the wedding cake becomes the focal point of the celebration and it is important that it goes through careful planning and execution. The aspects of the planning and execution must not only be focused on the wedding cake as it is equally essential that you also take into account the style and decoration of your wedding cake table. A great way to enhance and highlight the design elements of your wedding cake is to create a table that resembles a wedding cake.

Step 1

Use white tablecloth as the initial cover layer of your wedding cake table. Top this with a sheet of nylon tulle in cream or white to add texture to the surface to help blend with your wedding cake.

Step 2

Prepare the tulle. Make sure that the length of the tulle is about twice the length of the outside circumference of your wedding cake table. The tulle will serve as an accent to the edges of the tabletop and will help to complement and highlight the basic elements of the wedding cake. It represents the design feature of a wedding cake that typically separates the different layers of the cake.

Step 3

Place the wire ribbon on top of the tulle. About every 12 inches wrap the wire ribbon (or pinch it) around the tulle so that it attaches to the tulle. Because the ribbon has wire in it, you can manipulate the ribbon to create an accent similar to a decorative dot of frosting, frosting flower or other wedding cake decoration on the layers of the cake.

Step 4

Spread the rose petals on the tulle. Using the gel or liquid glue, attach the petals to the tulle. The rose petals act as decoration. If you wedding cake has flower decorations, adding flower petals to your wedding cake table decor aligns the theme of your table with the cake. The rose petals can also simply be an accent to dress up the decor. If you have jewel accents or other types of decorations on your wedding cake, then you can substitute the rose petals for another decoration.

Step 5

Attach the tulle that is decorated with the wire ribbon and flower (or other) accents along the edges of the tabletop using straight pins. You can pin the tulle to the white tablecloth covering the table to secure it in place. Use the tulle to create a drape along the sides of the wedding cake table to mimic the design of a wedding cake.

Step 6

Create ribbon bows. Using additional wire ribbon create bows. Use the gel or liquid glue to attach the bows to the tulle. You may wish to place the bows about every 12 inches where the drape of the tulle meets the cake table.

Step 7

Place the wedding cake. Once your wedding cake table is decorated, the wedding cake can be placed in the center of the table. If you want to add additional decorations to the top of the table, you can scatter flower petals, position mini cakes that resemble the main wedding cake or sprinkle confetti around the cake.

* Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need

* Mini wedding cakes
* Round Table
* Tablecloth
* Tulle (color or white)
* Lace ribbon
* Wired ribbon
* Twine wire covered with white cloth
* Gel or liquid glue
* Rose petals
* Straight pins


* Observe proportions when deciding on the ideal size and shape of your wedding cake table. Use one that will not overwhelm but instead, highlight the strong elements of your wedding cake.
* You can use edible rose petals to decorate and accentuate your wedding cake as well as your table.
* Discuss how the cake will look with the bakery so you can create a wedding cake table to accentuates the cake rather than overwhelm it.